Transgender doctors

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In the transsexualist version, gender fundamentally remains a characteristic and property of the person. If you are in crisis, contact Trans Lifeline at In this version, transsexual persons are conceivable because sex and gender are different things, and it is possible to describe their situation in terms of incoherence: All Things Considered. It is thus to venture upon very well-charted territory, with many specialists and an extensive literature the vast majority of which is psychiatric and psychological in nature. For hospital teams, this evaluation fairly often plays a sort of gatekeeping role, even though the evaluation is multidisciplinary and the final decision requires joint agreement of the psychiatrist, the psychologist, the endocrinologist and the surgeon. Have the care providers been trained on issues specific to transgender health?

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All Things Considered.

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Understanding and affirming the lives of transgender persons. While some of these negative interactions in health care may stem from discriminatory attitudes on the part of medical care professionals, a survey published this week, this one among endocrinologists, reveals that doctors feel they lack the training they need to feel confident when treating transgender patients. This phase of evaluation can last from several months to one or two years, before the team reaches a decision on the case and offers or refuses to include it in the protocol.

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The other difficulty is to avoid losing sight of the complexity of positions in the context of high stakes debates that are generally extremely intense.

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