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All of our fish comes from the trawlers. We pride ourselves on the good food we give to them. Maybe we won't make that much of a difference, but, if everyone does a little bit for their fellow man - just give something back, and don't be cruel. Regardless, these men have proven their culinary chops one way or another and have become their own success stories in the process. In the evenings, I head back to Bentley's or Corrigan's. Chef Dale is up to something good! Jacqueline Ray 14 Aug, Biography by Catherine.

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A day in the life of chef Richard Corrigan

You were pretty vocal about your affinity for Chef Tom -- did that wane at all? I KNEW that the judges liked my sweet potatoes, so, even if they dislike my other two dishes, I had a mark in the "good" column. Navia Robinson - 28 Jan, Biography by Saltypotatoship. How difficult was it to spring back from the soup curveball? I try my damnedest to look after people.

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Skip to main content. Versatile veggies come in from the cold If vegetables used to be meat's poor relation on dinner plates, they have in recent Sweeny bid 'adieu' to Confidential in spring to start WannaBChef. It's a crisp morning in the Glen of Imaal in west One of which from the list below made it all the way to the finals in his season only to narrowly lose at the end. And yes, I'd still buy him a drink or three if he ever ventures down to my bar in SD, or my restaurant! Here are Ireland's top

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