To stop being gay

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This page was last edited on 17 Januaryat Indeed, such interventions are ethically suspect because they can be harmful to the psychological well-being of those who attempt them; clinical observations and self-reports indicate that many individuals who unsuccessfully attempt to change their sexual orientation experience considerable psychological distress. Concepts of Homosexuality and Its Treatment in Germany". The Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act, was given royal assenton 4 Junewith immediate forcebanning the practice. Even better, feel free to refer to your homosexuality with water-based metaphors:

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Can People Stop Being Gay?

In Boy Erased he gives his parents histories. This section contains close paraphrasing of an external source, http: Archived from the original on 9 July Let us practice true tolerance, real diversity, and equality for all. Lots of people identify themselves as same-sex attracted — in fact, about one in ten.

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But it took effort for him to get to this point. Detecting and destroying FIs was how you got the gay out. Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally-worded summary with appropriate citations. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has described the recent support for sexual orientation change efforts as "the Christian Right repackag[ing] its anti-gay campaign in kinder, gentler terms. A blond boy confiscated the journal and yanked a bunch of pages free from the binding.

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