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He has a total of thousand followers on Twitter, which proves his popularity and fame on the site. I didn't necessarily get a gay vibe - more a 'insecure, overcompensating short straight guy vibe'. I used to think so, but I've changed my mind after watching his show. I'm another Rick Spence fan. How sad that he did HGTV for 5 years to boost his design career and when they dumped him, it had killed his career rather than made it.

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They are also shopping for a new beard for Carter, but so far they haven't found anybody at the price they want to spend.

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Does anyone else think that Scott McGillivray from hgtv's income property is gay?

The same guy that's over on "Work Out". I think they came from whatever the new dreamcaps site calls itself. I agree R-3, it looks like he could be his brother. I really really want him to be gay. I'm sure his co-star Abraham is gay and cute too but I can't really tell with Spencer. What about when Scott commented on the socks one of them was wearing, and the other one said, "You should see his underwear!

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Her basic designs are good, but she overstuffs them so much with dust catchers they feel claustrophobic and fussy to me. It's doable, it's just not the magic bullet that the show makes it look like. Atlanta Designer is a Turkish Delight. But hey, I will still watch and lust after the hot men. What do we know about Scott McGillivray?

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