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It noted the move as a "courageous act" and a "step in the right direction". Why Homosexuality is a Natural Law Issue? A communist abortionist turned pro-life after a saint visited him year-old speaks out on the issue of abortion He performed 1, abortions: As I recall one of them wore a large flowered hat or garland. One Nation, Divided Over Marriage. University of Chicago Press,pp. Many believe the Freemasons are simply a centuries-old charitable fraternity.

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Here-under are some articles about family and marriage for you to read or watch:

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Illinois Catholic Bishop: No Communion or Church Funerals for Those in Same-Sex Marriages

Research facts and analysis on cohabitation Live-in: Homosexuality and religion Transgender people and religion. The Life of Cardinal Innocenzo del Monte: The Family is an irreplaceable source of stability for children. Turn the tide Pro-life video. Peter Miqueli sex and embezzlement case http:

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The marriage God wants for you. The root of the problem. Catholic teaching on homosexuality. Is there a problem? Key Parallels Archbishop Gadecki:

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