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Transgender-identified author Virginia Prince is most often credited with coining the term. Large cities with LGBT Health Centers and providers known to offer competent care to transgender people have become a reliable source of care. Of course, throughout human history, a host of other individuals might have been included under a broadened definition of transgender. This might include primary care physicians, endocrinologists, and surgeons. Transgender women of color face extraordinarily high rates of social and health disparities. Routine primary care visits should include screening for co-occurring mental health conditions, past treatments, and history of suicide and self-injurious behaviors, symptoms of posttraumatic stress, and substance use.

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If you need clarification, seek a second opinion locally or have your provider contact us for more information.

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Category:Transgender and transsexual military personnel

Nutrition and Weight Status. Primary care providers who are experienced in working with transgender patients may feel comfortable initiating hormone therapies without an initial mental health assessment using an informed consent model Grading: Providers are reminded to treat all clients with dignity and respect. The goal of collecting HIV data is to gather information accurately in order to understand, compare, report, and apply it to enhancing and improving care and services. Framework for perioperative assessment, preparation, and care navigation Adapted from: Exploration of gender identity. However, it is important to assure that the provider is licensed in the jurisdiction where the client is receiving services.

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Though the term transgender has only been used in print for about 50 years, transgender-related practices have existed throughout history. Being able to speak with a provider in a place that ensures privacy is critical. In most states though, these services will be offered by psychiatrists, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants. Procedures other than those listed below do not require a formal assessment process, though in some cases an assessment and preparation may be indicated, as with any surgery. The CoE is unable to respond to individual patient requests for medical guidance.

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