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Lake Merritta large estuary centrally located east of Downtown, was announced as the United States' first official wildlife refuge. I would rather have him alive, living an authentic life, true to who he is, than to live a stalwart steadfast lie that backs him into a suicidal corner. Oaklandwiki is a thriving mostly English-language LocalWiki. Tensions between the black community and the largely white police force were high, as expectations during the civil rights era increased to gain social justice and equality before the law. Oakland's black population decreased by nearly 25 percent between and Retrieved September 23,

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The greater Oakland area has the fifth largest cluster of "elite zip codes" ranked by the number of households with the highest combination of income and education.

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Oakland, California

Archived from the original on September 25, Since then, the Republican percentage of the vote has declined in each successive election. At the time of the Loma Prieta earthquakethe Cypress Street Viaduct double-deck segment of the Nimitz Freeway collapsed, killing 42 people. Subsequent battle for control over the lucrative narcotics trade incited gang conflicts and violence, with shootings becoming a regular occurrence. Retrieved August 27,

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As of [update]for example, over half the students at Hillcrest Elementary School in the Montclair upper hills neighborhood performed at the "advanced" level in the English portion of the test, and students at Lincoln Elementary School in the Chinatown neighborhood performed at the "advanced" level in the math portion. Eddie Rickenbacker and Navy Lt. By Ellen Cushing Thu, Jan 10, at It is a designated Level I pediatric trauma center and the only independent children's hospital in Northern California. They totally get it. Many immigrants have settled in the city.

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