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Four neo-Nazi supremacists Dallas Chalmers and his white "posse" Chane Adams, Bud Cockerham and Connor Biggs go to the residence of the Blakes Bobby Blake and his brother Chris Blake and Flex-Deon Blake and shout racial slurs, harassing and bullying them in an attempt to get them to leave the neighborhood. Connor Biggs also had a stand out scene during act 3 when his fellow white supremacist Dallas Chalmers got intimate in the cage as Bud Cockerham proceeded to watch. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Unprotected anal sex is by no means the only taboo that this movie contravenes. There are also scenes of incest between Chris and Bobby Blake with Chris being the sole submissive black in the film. Retrieved 15 January Hate crimes, such as those committed against the Jews during the Holocaust, are becoming more commonplace in our society as people cling steadfastly to ideologies and religions and make no allowance for diversity or being or thought.

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I was caught up in the extreme mentality and an extreme situation, and I didn't exercise proper control over myself.

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Movie Reviews

His ass is poked, prodded, and fucked while two other black brothers watch on and jerk their cocks off. The film Niggas' Revenge has become the subject of serious academic discussion about race relations through sex and reversal of roles of oppressor and oppressed. AEBN is the leader in gay video-on-demand content with thousands of full length gay adult movies from hundreds of the industry's best studios Bobby Blake Flex-Deon Blake Reflections on the Subculture of BarebackingTim Dean, a professor at the University at Buffalotreats Niggas' Revenge in detail that all in order, Dean argues, to "conjure the transgressive charge of unprotected anal sex among gay men", the film "fetishizes the simultaneous transgression of a number of taboos". It wasn't a fake movie; from the whipping with the belt, to the breaking of two-by-four over their asses, the slapping, the spitting, the making them drink piss, all of that was totally real. He was hired to be a top beside me and Flex, but it was no surprise that he ended up in the pillory with me fucking his ass as well as the white guys' asses.

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And that was a mistake I made. They capture them and put them in a cage. They assault and beat up the nazis, then proceed to urinate on them and sexually degrade and torture them until they completely break down and submit to their muscular black masters. When high school gets to be stressful, Julian and Riley get rid of their stress by hitting the school's secret gloryhole! Edit Cast Cast overview:

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