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Note that in some of these cases, some marriages were in fact legal at an earlier date for example, an Ontario ruling held that marriages performed in January were legal when performedbut the legality was questioned. If Harper wanted to go after gay marriage, he'd be smarter than this. For example, a Canadian citizen, legally married in the Netherlands to his or her same-sex Dutch partner, might not sponsor his or her Dutch partner for immigration as a spouse, despite the fact that both Dutch law and Canadian law made no distinction between opposite-sex and same-sex civil marriages, and despite the fact that CIC did recognize a Dutch opposite-sex marriage. Measures have been enacted to ensure the integrity of personal information and to protect it from misuse, loss or alteration. Complicating matters, Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper indicated that a Conservative government would work to restore the prohibition on same-sex marriage if Parliament voted to do so in a free vote.

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This couple does not, and seemingly never has, lived in Canada.

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Same-Sex Marriage a Civil Right? 'Vile and Disgusting' Said Harper

Archived from the original on June 17, If Harper wanted to go after gay marriage, he'd be smarter than this. On September 13,a lesbian couple known as "M. Other type of partnership. Archived from the original on April 30,

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Former Commons speaker Andrew Scheer is considering a run as is former treasury board president Tony Clement. In andcourt decisions in the superior courts of OntarioQuebec and British Columbia held that the restriction of marriage to opposite-sex couples was discriminatory and contrary to the equality clause of the Canadian Charter of Rights of Freedoms. The judge said that his decision had been influenced by the previous decisions in B. Many people are scared of you and increasingly enraged by your policies. The last 10 stories you viewed are saved here.

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