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He reportedly told Tim Allen who played his father on Home Improvement that he was leaving so that he could attend college. I always assumed that he must have been going to a tanning salon twice a week, but Thomas claimed that he tans very easily due to his Portuguese ancestry. There are many MANY figures in Hollywood who identify as gay in their personal life, but who would fight several legal battles to the death to defend their image of being straight. I guess that's what he wanted. In reality, Jonathan is older than Zachery by a month and a day Jonathan was born on September 8, Zachery was born on October 9. Have a good day. Then post nasty comments it so stupid.

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What struck me most were his hands, they were so small.

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Hope this comment means something to at least someone. After graduating, he gained admission into Harvard University to study history and philosophy. It was such a good show and he got famous because of that. Jonathan Taylor Thomas is ammmmmazing omg, I've always had a crush on him because he's great at acting, his my first love, when i was 8 and now i'm 25 i still love him. All the allegation of a Jonathan is true he needs serious help but when cone from a messed up family that's what happens it's sad. His nephew is actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

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He loves the people there. Honestly I never saw the kids as stars and didn't even know their names, but I do remember watching Speedway Junky and recognizing JTT. If he is, fine, but if he isn't it shows that he is comfortable in his own skin. I adore Jon always have and always will despite what is being said about him. Nerdy cute does it for me. The OP didn't say he didn't go to college or finish school, but he USED that as lie to get out of his contract and he started doing other acting jobs, which quickly dried up or never materialized.

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