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Surprisingly Impressed I used to have the mentality that a spa for only men was a bathhouse I was given the option of renting a locker or a changing room Benson Trust in L. I am currently planning a trip and decided to check things out hoping there were other bathhouses but looks like Midtowne is still all there is. Those facilities remain open and are actually owned by Martin R. An earlier version of this story mistakenly reported that Midtowne's spas in Los Angeles and Denver were owned by Mike Zappas and would also close.

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I gave three stars but I should have given two.

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Midtowne Spa Shutters After Two Decades

I gave three stars but I should have given two. Was here about a week before that. They also offered HIV testing, educational resources, and free condoms on-site, he said. The clerk nicely said don't worry about it, we'll go fetch it. I'm sure coming back too along with some of my friends!!!

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So thank you management for keeping abreast on things and making it a safe peaceful environment for all its patrons to enjoy. The worst bathhouse, I have been Dirty, very rude and empty. I was pleasantly surprised! At first, I wasn't completely sold on the idea or concept coming from pretentious Dallas, but I slowly learned that each city is different and hassome cool amenities. I gave three stars but I should have given two. It is much more than that!

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