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Answer Questions What would happen if a vampire had your house key? I know there's a web site for missing person. You watch people carefully now, and you can tell that they don't get it. It's all mind control. Unless you've been there, none of you can honesly say you would do any different when it came to this helpless kid. Like, "Ooh, I need my privacy!

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Would others, like those on this thread that lack empathy, just denigrate him further?

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Experts: Mo. boy was controlled by his captor

It really isn't that hard to understand why Shawn Hornbeck behaved as he did while in that situation. He wasn't chained up or held captive. The media pressured Hornbeck to speak up. But he left the house all the time. Also, in the immediate aftermath of the second kidnapping, Shawn acted as an accomplice at first. Now hes Public Enemy No. Officials there contacted authorities in Franklin County.

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He's not your entertainment. Why did the left go around smashing windows, police cars, and assaulting people the day after Trump got elected? He may have been hot to normal people, but for a pedophile, that's old and washed up. The kidnapper was caught when the truck he used in kidnapping the younger boy was traced. He never had any problems with anyone. Most active discussions votes comments. It's like he didn't want to be found.

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