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Rem was melting in his seat looking at him, but he was slapped back in to reality when the leopard started walking towards him. When I got there, I sat at my laptop and thought about what Alex had said. Furry So what is "furry," anyway? Hey every one it is I Remnic here to tell you of this new story it is a good one all people in the story are of my own I my throw some special guest in some chapters to make it a fan fiction. He started to have naughty thoughts, and he started to blush, and it was easy to see though his grayish white fur. Just In All Stories:

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Rem's eyes gazed at the door as a huge leopard, handing the teacher a note that he started to read.

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Some people enjoy furry works, and some also enjoy wearing collars or tails. The last one he did not care about he love drama best class he got. I'm a furry fox, not a dress-up; I'm a real one. Hope u enjoy it. But what I watched Well what do we got here guys, a new kid.

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Welcome to Kyell Gold's website Welcome! He saw the leopard leave and he got up placing his messenger bag over his crouch area. He been that ways for years His mom dose not know at all. Just In All Stories: The teacher was a a bear, soft looking brown hair and he had glasses on that shimmer in the light. See the school had it order first comes the jocks no one mess with them, I Mean no one if they did they have to take on the whole team. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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