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The underwear ripped all the way across the front, from the side panel to the crotch, exposing the soft, fat shaft of Jeff's dick, and everything else, in full view. I encouraged myself to bring my mouth to his crotch and swallow his shaft. He moaned and bent his back, feeling one of the greatest orgasms in his life. Mark was surprised when both my hands suddenly attacked him. He was the absolute hottest boy that i'd have ever seen.

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I got a hint of the answer when Mark went into the walk-in closet, out of my view.

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Mark reached around Jeff's thigh and grabbed his big nuts, cupping them in his hand. Mark, still wearing the towel, collapsed on Jeff, who was holding Mark's wrists firmly. I hope you enjoy my life's most important story. My second wish was for eternal injury and physical illness-free life. He wore a double chrome cock ring to keep Mark was too exhausted to free his wrists from my left hand. I was hanging with my good friend Geri sometimes we called her "Jer", but she always smacked us hard for that on a typical, boring Thursday afternoon at our state college.

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His legs sprawled confidently and luxuriously over his bed, ending with his long and thin feet. We both fell asleep after cumming gobs, him up my ass and me all over his hairy chest. Jeff's balls were bigger and heavier in my hand than I had thought, and they were covered by an even layer of crisp hair. Jeff broke free again, and as Mark tried to regain control, I was caught sandwiched in the middle. At the dock, I picked the boat with the Hours of him bumping up against me with pure pleasure rushing through my body. He sent an audio message to me, saying:

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