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Disobedience Rachel Weisz returns to her oppressive orthodox Jewish community only to find love with a one Rachel McAdams. Beach Rats This sexy, dreamy indie drama glides through the life of an aimless teenager trying to find love and community on the cruising beaches of Brooklyn. Cher won the Oscar for it. What entails is betrayal! Two black men come of age in rough-around-the-edges Miami in a radically honest, Oscar-winning story of selfhood, kindness, identity, and community. Mamma Mia! This is one of the best queer films to come out this year, hands down.

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But like, so much better than Brokeback Mountain.

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Twists on twists! The life and times of James Baldwin are excavated and brought to light in this Oscar-nominated documentary. This film swept the Oscars for a reason! Streamable on Amazon Prime.

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Golden-era Wynona Ryder and a weird-hot Christian Slater team up to take down what were the original Mean Girls in this delightfully morbid comedic high school farse.

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