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Do not look at others. People are either homosexual or not, it never changes. Whatever they do behind closed doors is not our business. By reading these comments, Dominica sounds like a hot bed of intolerance, hypocrisy and bigotry. Even in the Roman Catholic run hospitals, and I tell yo they donot pray to the Virgin Mary, nor repeat the rosary, they indeed pray to the Father through Jesus Christ his son!

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I always have a small bottle of Holy Water with me.

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Guess who gave you the human right? They not interested in making land papers so they will have a roof over their head when they old. Get an island for yourself to practice your abomination and intrinsic evil. Sadly so, as godlessness increased so do wickedness. Are they on bail yet? His eyes are on all of us, wherever we may be, awake and sleeping. The only true and valid marriage is the union of one man with one woman for as long as they both live.

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There are so many lifestyle that God do not likeand we know that, but yet still people live them. Yes, there are 1, confirmed species of animals that engage in homosexual activity, aside from humans. This is soo disgraceful only gays will agree to that period. God bless Dominica because this is bad pr for the country. Which side of the island? I suppose when you die you will get it which may be too late for you. You do not have to ask the Court to rule it.

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