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Princess Sarah wears what she pleases! Irma quickly became my favourite character in the comic and reminded me of many of my own friends when I was a kid. Now only is he upset that his friend is dressing as a girl, but also that she makes a cute girl. I never talked to one, i feel like they are just like everyone, they point their finger to their head and they say: I love Blaze so much!

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Thank you for all of your research and dedication!

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Transgender Artist Illustrates Her Gender Transition In 101 Emotional Comics

I tried the first couple issues of this when it first came out and was disappointed. In this moment, Sarah is able to push her mom a step closer to understanding her. This was fascinating to read. Thanks for mentioning my Shining Knight. Elizabeth Molloy 1 year ago Throw out the scales.

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Gail Simone has written more quality queer characters than almost any mainstream comics writer, and she made sure that this coming out was handled well. Marie-Eve Barette 1 year ago This series is giving me back some faith in humanity. Mey has written articles for us. Webcomics provide a space that can allow writers and artists more creative control over their characters and content and experiment with different themes. A real empathy booster and an awesome, brave and talented artist.

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