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Although the characters go on to begin a relationship, the show's one-hundredth episode "What a Difference a Day Makes" sees them experience difficulties as a result of Torres' father rejecting her for her sexuality. Robbins is initially cold towards Callie because she was the one who decided for an amputation. Everyone can roast their marshmallows around us! But for Capshaw, the relationship between Arizona and Callie took a step forward in making sure that they are able to represent a couple or relationship based on the true lives of those living in the LGBT community. Krista Vernoff—a writer and producer on the show since its first season and showrunner of seasons four to seven, who left the team in —is back again to serve as showrunner this year. In season 14 Sofia moves back with Arizona because she misses her but also frequently misses Callie. Torres gifts Robbins with a weekend getaway, and Robbins proposes to Torres.

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When she told Arizona, Arizona offered to carry the baby, but Callie decided that since they're still on unsteady footing that if something goes wrong, they won't make it and she doesn't want to put them in that position.

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It takes me like 14 seconds to get into my outfit. She is 42 years old as of At the end of the Grey's Anatomy season 8Robbins is hurt badly in a plane crash, resulting in her left leg being amputated. Her impact on the world is permanent and forever. Lauren Boswell Hilarie Burton arrives at the hospital to reconstruct the face of a baby and flirts with Robbins, she is flattered that a stranger still finds her attractive despite knowing about her injury and the two have a one-night stand. Arizona starts a research project to figure out why mother mortality rates are so high in the US versus other countries.

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Torres gifts Robbins with a weekend getaway, and Robbins proposes to Torres. Debbie Allen directed an episode one time where she actually used an entire ambulance to hide my pregnant body. I think then people get overwhelmed and they lose sight of what they are actually fighting for. Attending pediatric surgeon and fetal surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. When the character of Arizona was introduced, she was an upbeat new doctor—but her story arc took her to dark places. I love Jessica Capshaw, and when I say love I mean love.

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