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I cannot understand killing your own flesh and blood and I even have a problem with putting one's own child up for adoption, but those are the rules for me and my conscience and my soul and beliefs govern this opinion. However, terms like, "a few" and "some" do not explain away the thousands upon thousands of gays. Now I am an empty barrel. Liberal politicians have the mostly liberal press and electronic media to help them get the message out. Her babble on tolerance is only to give the OK to anyone who wants to do anything: They could care less about anyone other than their own kind.

I don't buy your logic for okaying gays nor abortions.

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Bermuda's government fights against same-sex marriage in Court of Appeal

She will surely be missed by many people throughtout the area. Those of you who feel the need to bicker and preach and act childish should go join an AOL Teen Chat room. Just like a liberal chooses to be called a left-wing whacko or a pinko or a tree-hugging woosie or a socialist dork. I felt some people on this site may be interested in helping this young man out. I cannot imagine being 13 and being told by a specialist that I may be wheelchair bound at

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To Ken Pelletier of Sugarland, Tx.: Howard's detractors dislike him or what he has to say. Yes, my teachings are good and beneficial and I live by them. I had lots of fun with both of those bands. Howard, your neice has my prayers. If the Court of Appeals rules that the ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, the last resort for the Bermudian government would be to appeal to the UK's Privy Council.