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It's free so why not? I like full lips. Is this too much tongue? I prefer to be the kissing aggressor and for the other guy to be into my neck and nips. That is just terrible kissing, or should I say "kissing". That delicious neck bite. Like someone trying to pull it out of my throat.

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They reminded me of cats cleaning each other.

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It's more like licking, which is usually kinda gross. So I'm not really interested in what excites her. Same for sucking tongue. But secondly, it perpetuates heterosexual privilege that entitles straight men to do anything. She was too prissy to even eat.

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There's something we all love when we are with a good kisser, and we can't always analyze it or recreate it with another person. Can't even tell if it's two dudes. But the most important thing is eye contact and a faint primal moan when the other kisser hits your oral errogenous zone. Click Here for a sample. Full, thick, FIRM but giving lips, moderate tongue use playful flicking and tangoing of tongue in mouthhands on side of head firmly but not restrictivelyhead movement not locked in one positiona bit of playfulness as well I cream myself voer that one with Thomas Jane and Vincent D'onnofrio.

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