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We recommend ExpressVPNa reliable and cost effective service which we used and loved during our travels. Follow us on Instagram. You may also like: But, I was curious where you would place Cyprus, your current location? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We love the gay scene of London, especially as we met at the GAY Bar in Februaryso it will always be a special place for us.

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Country Ranking

I plan to visit as soon as I find a new travel partner. A night out in the gay bars of Silom with Regina. Is it worth trying to push and test them in the wrong situation or with the wrong person? Is flying or driving better for the environment? A quick look at the table reveals the sad truth:

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Views Read Edit View history. Most of the world still has a long way to go regarding acceptance for all kinds of differences, not limited only to LGBT people. To be clear, we are looking at countries overall, not cities or regions. Argentina is as pro-immigration as it is gay-friendly. Most recent Why your student loans could cost way more than you originally borrowed. What you need to know about paying taxes as a freelancer.

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