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As Page Six pointed out, more heteros have opted for the flaxen fantasy of late. You might also be interested in these: Popnographyzac efron. We had harnesses, y'all wanted a red carpet accessory. Or did having sex with a trans guy forfeit it?

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The Heteros Have Discovered Platinum Blonde

Just human and fallible and working to be and do better. But this "platinum" nonsense is about genitals, not gender. Zac Efron with blonde hair is a blessing pic. And especially in the case of Efron and Messina, the blonde look has inspired a ton of online thirst. Zac Efron grabbed a lot of attention this week when he became the latest hetero star to make the brave decision to dye his hair platinum blonde.

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Your conscious mind is saying, "Wait a minute! Popnographyzac efron. Something with a lot of gay cultural meaning goes mainstream and is then kinda … not as meaningful. Someone gets sick shortly after eating a particular kind of food Thai curry, Swedish meatballs, Irish starch and then feel leery about ever eating that kind of food again because they associate it with bad feelings that may not have been caused by the food itself. Impeach the motherfucker already! On the other hand, people online have raised a very good point, which I will raise again:

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