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Notch made an absolutely amazing game. I always looked up to him when I was younger, I think most of us did. Well the Russian mob boss calls him "Baba Yaga". Notch isn't even hiding his true colours anymore. The first describes a transsexual, the second a bisexual, the third a hermaphrodite, the fourth a transvestite — none of which is an exact synonym for transgender. It's been several years since John Wick was working for the mod boss, and a lot can happen in two years.

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Ah yes, rising conservative star Notch, whosits alone in his Beverly Hills mansion and makes tweets at people he doesn't like.

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This is already a problem. Andreessen Horowitz stated that they do not want to invest in companies or people that are not really full stack or have a full stack mentality. Technology is a feedback loop—the values we build into our machines are then taught to anyone who uses it.

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What keeps me happy is knowing having the users love that creation as much as the team and I loved making it.

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