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Tom was flattered, apparently, and agreed to go with him at a dinner ". It is not the first time that it is speculated with the sexual orientation of both actors although both John and Tom have maintained lasting relations with diverse women. But when the dust settled, I regretted the retraction a lot more than I regretted that initial call to the Enquirer. On a good day he is mocked and derided, accused of feuding with other famous Scientologist friends. Travolta said in a promotional interview that he saw Battlefield Earth as being "like Pulp Fiction for the year A former Scientology devotee and friend of Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston, Mike Rinder, offered speculation on the Church of Scientology's attitude towards homosexuality.

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While the kiss could be nothing but a friendly peck Travolta is, after all, half Italian the pictures are fueling longtime speculation about the star's sexual orientation.

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John Travolta: Under Fire

Gotterba stopped working for Travolta in and signed a "termination agreement" that included a "confidentiality clause", which the co-pilot disputed the validity of when he expressed his intentions to tell the story of his affair in a tell-all book. Hubbard, having eyed Travolta for the film years earlier as the young star had become an ardent and prominent supporter of the religion, saw his ability to push the film into production as an important lynch pin for marrying his faith with his wealth. But Gotterba was recalcitrant, saying, "Our dispute is purely about declaratory relief and will be a non-monetary judgment. The couple has two children: Michael Pattinson alleged he "reasonably relied upon" Travolta's marriage to Preston as proof that "Scientology processing and courses would 'handle' my own homosexuality.

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In the same year they wed, before the battery allegations surfaced, a Time magazinecover story alleged that Travolta engaged in "promiscuous homosexual behaviour" and would be outed if he were to defect from the church. Mark claimed he rebuffed the actor's alleged advances because he was chubby and "really hairy on his back, upper arms and chest. In 's Moment by Moment, Travolta played a young man who falls in love with an older woman, played by Lily Tomlin — who has since come out as a lesbian. Travolta and his wife, fellow Scientologist Kelly Preston. Manage Push Notifications If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser.

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