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Therefore my goal and vision is to find as many ways as possible to create places and spaces where men can connect in love, be intimate with each other, without any judgements and without any fear. I suppose so many men come to Tantric massage from different places in their lives and just talking a while with you put me at ease again. Some men have told me I have ruined their conventional sex life because after a session with me, what they experienced before just didn't feel good enough anymore. It has taken me a while to write but the experience of the multi orgasmic massage that I received from you has stayed with me all this time. I was more aware of them and seemed more in tune with them. I think in all of my therapeutic work I have this strong responsibility to be skilled, informed, educated and most of all empathic. I decided to leave and create a new life for myself, that it was time to stop living these scripts and patterns.

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During this time I led spiritual development groups honing those delicate skills of intuition, psychic awareness and universal connection of myself and others.

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Byron's Tantric Massage with Jason

I could look forever at all kinds of men: I do know that this was my purpose to be on earth. With my spiritual practice background, therapeutic background and now Tantric experience it all came together. If you are a man you are very welcome to experience any of my services I offer. I lasted two whole days without touching myself afterwards and the experience was another indulgence of sensory input.

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I have been teaching workshops in my other creation Tantra4GayMen and over the 9 years of teaching, and holding space it felt like there was something missing for me. I really hope you enjoy my website and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you. It is really normal after a session with me to feel as if you have had a deep and profound experience. I wondered where there were places in the UK for gay and bi men to meet in places of love and in places of intimacy. It has taken me sometimes great amounts of trust and surrender to follow what feels right inside me and to listen to my universal path.

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