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For Wikipedia's policy concerning censorship, see Wikipedia: Retrieved October 31, Bomis Logo Controversies U. Should traditional biography be buried alongside Shakespeare's breakfast? The gay and lesbian topics of these videos and sketches will entertain and enlighten not just other LGBT individuals, but anyone who is looking for heartfelt stories, music, comedy, and art. Site internals, configuration, code examples and management issues" PDF.

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Wikipedia narratives about national histories i are skewed towards more recent events recency bias and ii are distributed unevenly across the continents with significant focus on the history of European countries Eurocentric bias.

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The award was presented to Wales by David Weinberger. The Journal of American History. There is also an ongoing debate about the influence of Wikipedia on the biography publishing business. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Wikis. The authors focused on behavioral changes of the encyclopedia's administrators after assuming the post, writing that systematic bias occurred after the fact.

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How Wikipedia administrators mold public opinion". Inreaders of brandchannel. One principal concern cited by The New York Times for the "worry" is for Wikipedia to effectively address attrition issues with the number of editors which the online encyclopedia attracts to edit and maintain its content in a mobile access environment. Retrieved February 15, In a opinion piece for WiredHossein Derakhshan describes Wikipedia as "one of the last remaining pillars of the open and decentralized web " and contrasted its existence as a text-based source of knowledge with social media and social networking servicesthe latter having "since colonized the web for television's values. Wikipedia and the Future of the Past. The Arbitration Committee presides over the ultimate dispute resolution process.

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