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Each day the Pasty Cam has 2 areas to post messages: I probably shouldn't tell anyone this, but I remember that mill when it was running. Tall smoke stacks still dot the area from the bygone days of the mining era here in the Keweenaw. The town of Gay Michigan was the home of the Mohawk stamp mill from the time of it's construction in until it closed in A real shame for our area. Since then "Han's" has been behaving himself - - I sure hope he isn't lurking somewhere in the background today just waiting to pounce on us!

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By the way Jeanne made big pasty this week I guess we'll be munchin on that for a couple days now.

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Gay, Michigan

The first school in Gay was built in to meet the needs of the families working at the mills. The other photos I took that day are in my gallery for those interested. Keith Knighton found these tall giants still standing somewhere near the Quincy property, proving that even with the demise of their usefulness in the mining industry, they still provide a picturesque focal point. Students attending school past grade 10 went to Calumet. Congratulations to Peggy Riemer. And thanks to Mary Drew who took the morning off to go put a prop under that big chimney! Like on April Fool's Day, Mary

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Glad to be of service, Dunerat. The Copper Country Explorer has exhaustive coverage of the Mohawk mill here. Is the stack s still standing at Gay? Wednesday-What'sUP December 8 - By Dunerat Dunerat on Wednesday, June 21, - Another local mine that has remained as a tourist attraction after having a number of its buildings restored and the shafts kept open for touring, is the Quincy Mine, a visible landmark for miles around as it still stands atop Quincy Hill. And thanks to Mary Drew who took the morning off to go put a prop under that big chimney!

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