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Keep those nails and hands clean and manicured! During your daily teeth brushing process, include scraping your tongue with a spoon or tongue scraper. And worse, it comes from a "university". Photo of the Day. Also, it's suggested that they change undergarments twice a day.

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My uncle claims it's all environment and cites his son my cousin Barry J as proof.

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10 Hygiene Habits That Will Drive A Gay Men Wild

Other stinky stuff is a matter of more specialized appeal. I asked a group of Same Gender Loving SGL men, "What one thing can men fix in the hygiene department, that would attract you to them more? Fun workout shirt for the gym or for a night out at the bar. It helps kill bacteria and keeps that mouth fresh. And in a market-based society, they should be free to do whatever they want, not what best serves the public good.

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How 'bout the Goth look among high school students? Best name for a rock band ever! So we have to prove we're preprogrammed to be gay in order to be free to be gay? Well, this should get you started heading in the right direction. On a slightly different note our family has a larger percentage of gay men going back several generations than one might expect to see by random chance.

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