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The new slave spit on the Daddy. Several of the men were doing poppers and smoking pot — the party had been going on for some time. He left him hanging from the pole as he returned inside. I moved down his chubbythick legs, smelling and licking until I got to his feet, then breathed in deep, taking in the wonderful stank of his feet. So, one Sunday afternoon after rugby practice I got on my computer and opened up an Adam for Adam profile, making known my love of man smells.

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So, I eased up a bit and tried to get even more in my mouth but it just wouldn't go; it was too fat.

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Poppers can turn you into a real pig!

I'm all grown up. The Daddy started his day and entered the dungeon to awaken his slave. The daddy worked swiftly but with precision. I removed my robe and asked him if I could undress him. The boy knew he was in a helpless situation. I especially enjoyed contact sports and played football throughout high school - but I wasn't good enough to make the college team so I opted for intramural rugby instead. With a single motion, the Daddy used a piercing device to shoot the first nipple ring through the soft skin.

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He unchained the new slave from the hanging chain and ordered him to his knees. The device allowed the slave to stand with his elbows bent and his wrists connected to the device about 8 inches from each ear. He then retied the slaves arms behind his back and attached each leg and ankle to the back legs of the fuck horse. The Daddy stood there with a new slave. He would most likely be arrested.

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