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As regards the views and ideas of Paul Millar and Jeffrey Satinover and EA's supprt or repudiation of them, I don't believe either of them or their organisations are EA members; I'm not sure if they even approach their work or ideas from a faith perspective. The guy listing Satinover's qualifications has a bigger problem. You have morphed that into: JimS - A huge thanks for sharing your story. Designated drivers in the parking lots of gay bars saw men writing down license plate numbers.

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ThomasScarlet, Helio has a strong point.

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'Nothing wrong with being gay': Root recorded responding to Gabriel's abusive language

So what does she say about the Bible? Satinover lost it, whatever it was, many years ago. Habit makes deep neural imprints. We should be honest enough to consider whether homosexuality may not indeed be a pausing at the prepubescent stage when children anxiously band together by gender. Perhaps this is so, though I doubt it, if recent comments by Chris Moyles and Jonathan Ross are any guide. Re who to select to help them make this journey, I cant fully answer this question but know this. Nature exists, whether academics like it or not.

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Homosexual behavior occurs in more than different kinds of animals worldwide, and is found in every major geographic region and every major animal group. Bad and dangerous theology, I would add. I'd guess that's why four top-flight mathematicians from Harvard, Yale and the Hebrew University went on public record as cautioning that the research should not be dismissed out of hand, as would surely seem reasonable to most people--the easy bet. Perhaps those future studies will resolve this issue, perhaps they won't. Retrieved 12 August It takes a whole new way of seeing exercise, food, your body, your value, your relationships with others as well as yourself, and MUCH discipline and encouragement to deal with this.

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