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Call it a community of the heart, carnal or otherwise. After the high, the comedown. A year into a successful recovery programme in northern France, Miguel has not yet seen it. Crystal methamphetamine took hold in urban gay communities in the late s, soon after the first effective HIV drugs converted many death sentences and restored our generation to so-called normal life. One's metabolism may be slightly too strongly revved up while high, yet the primary effect that may cause weight loss is a loss of appetite. Some users have rashes or other damage from scratching or picking at their skin. I am always glad to hear about people who are taking charge of their own lives and not waiting for drama or rescue!

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Gay Shamelessness, Beyond the Crystal Meth Crisis

The added sensations of intoxication can be exciting. Drug use is intense. I don't think that I ODed or nothing like that either His sexual partners were people younger than himself who were semi-homeless, had drug problems. Researchers generally lump substance use and misuse with the many other health disparities of gay men, such as childhood abuse, violence victimization, teen homelessness, suicidality and a 60 times greater risk of HIV. That's where I'd start.

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I'd recommend your doctor refer you to a good nutritionist for an assessment. Some people use to loosen up their inhibitions or literally loosen up their bodies. Some former users will never stop whining about the good old days of sex on crystal, which always makes me sad for them. One of my sources insists it comes from bikers, since many bikers who use speed store or stash it in the crank case of their motorcycles. It's really the same for every substance, including crystal methamphetamine.

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