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Some Nevadans think of the state as libertarian because of its history of making activities that were illegal elsewhere legal in Nevada—prizefighting, gambling, quick divorce, prostitution. It was to prove an essential blunder by powerful enemies of gays. In California, the marriage issue appeared on the statewide ballot twice, and those votes demonstrate how fast things change. A few years later, an instructor at the University of Nevada in Reno was critical of some campus policies. Demonizing and fearing someone is a lot easier if that person is just one thing. The state had lost millions in a s boycott that sought to punish its failure to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, and the casino industry wanted no part of another boycott.

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In that position, he had expanded foreign language instruction into summer sessions, upgraded academically talented courses, set up alcohol and drug education, and coordinated Joint Arts in Education programs with the Sierra Arts Foundation.

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Hidden history

It was in this climate of tumult over the gay community that the casino industry began cultivating a gay customer base and the Nevada Legislature changed its ways. Pegs Glorified Ham 'n Eggs Local's favorite breakfast. Again, much history is not recorded, but there is no reason to assume Nevada was different from other states. But in recent years, the gay community has stood its ground and claimed its place in the state. Gays began telling friends, families, business associates about themselves. Just like that, the good works a fine man could give were lost to Nevada. He drifted away, settling in a small South Dakota town.

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The way some people could not look beyond that factor sometimes reached the absurd, as when a state attorney general denied a driver license to a gay man. The casinos gave politicians political cover. Anti-gay laws were present from the start. With a diverse array of options and the added appeal of gambling, its easy to see why a night in Reno, the odds are in your favor. Suddenly—or so it seemed, as it was actually gradual—everyone knew someone who was gay.

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