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Practically unknown now in the United States and very few in England, Paris continues its long established tradition of tolerance and freedom and in some cases encouragement of open sexual contact. Guy, the boss, often greets you dressed as a sexy cowboy. Both of these bars have been around for about 30 years and are just outside the Marais, the Transfert on the west and the Keller heading east. Generally friendly and drunk upstairs, then ravenous and Caligula-esque downstairs. There you have it in a hard nut shell. Tables on the upstairs balcony offer an intimate view where you can watch the happy hour from above.

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They are usually busy after work and before dinner from 7pm to 9pm when happy hour prices kick in and then enjoy a second wave around midnight.

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Top Gay Clubs & Bars in Paris, France

The extra bonus is the downstairs. Their cheese and ham planchas are a perfect snack to munch on while socializing. Busy hours from 8 to 11pm. Strict leather dress code on Wednesday. There you have it in a hard nut shell.

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Edmund White the American author who once lived in Paris, titled one of his books The Flaneur meaning a person who hangs around without a purpose observing and watching, but especially allowing the spectacle to unfold on its own. Easily avoided upstairs if you prefer. So what do you call fun? COX — Cruisy, muscled Parisians and tourists with a touch of attitude. A good place to mingle on Sunday afternoons as well as Tuesday and Thursday nights. Everyone goes there at one time or another but they might not admit it. Be careful where you sit and always count your change.

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