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Detroit - Together We Can. We moved to the basement of St. Edmonton - Sober, Strong, and Free. Please enter your username or email address. Long before we ever walked through the door, many of us wondered what it would be like to attend a meeting at Lambda Center.

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A three day conference featuring a unique collection of speakers, meetings, workshops, and activities.

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The center is so much more than a place to hold recovery meetings. In the late s the meeting moved to the Field House on the Commons. The meeting folded due to lack of participation. He lost time from work and had to sue the city for lost wages. Miami - Florida Roundup. Annual AA event for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

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Honolulu - Aloha Roundup. Hope you can join us for our annual talent show where our fellows share their gifts and talents with the rest of us. Over the years there have been people who came to Live and Let Live who told us that they found AA in general overwhelming or unwelcoming. That building was sold and we moved again In the late s the meeting moved to the Field House on the Commons. Edit this page View other revisions Administration. One new member slipped on the ice outside the Field House and fractured his arm.

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