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Of the two hundred married males a large portion of whom, it is probably safe to speculate, were likely bisexualonly half were able to stay in their marriages, although there is no information as to what kinds of accommodations they had to make to do so, nor how many of these marriages will ultimately endure. Gay Star News Ltd. The couple have three foster sons together. What it means to be gay at BYU". Now a committee of 10 people — including David Pruden, former director of the now-defunct Evergreen, which championed conversation therapy, and psychologist Lee Beckstead, who testified for the plaintiffs in the trial — has formed a new group, Reconciliation and Growth, to bring both sides together.

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A Qualitative Study of Six Mormons".

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Gay Mormons to church: Don't fight California court ruling

Nielson believes use of the term rape was likely an unintentional "slip" of the tongue by the facilitator. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. Retrieved 11 November LDS Church-employed counselors don't use reparative therapy either. The policies and treatment of LGBTQ individuals have prompted several protests and mass resignations including the following:.

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An LDS Family Services therapist who spoke to us about his clinical experience likely has had the most extensive experience in working with single and married homosexual Latter-day Saint men—approximately eight hundred men in more than thirty years. The Health of Sexual Minorities 1 ed. If they do, we do with them exactly what we'd do with heterosexuals who transgress. Why I'm Sometimes Attracted to Women". Wrong to use gay labels [67] [68] [69].

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