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The Church teaches right and wrong but never says who is a sinner. According to Catholic teaching, wrong and sin are not the same thing. Despite massive evidence to the contrary in medical, psychological, and sociobiological research, the official Vatican opinion is that gay people are sick. Thank you for keeping this forum thoughtful and respectful. What hope is there for the future? Perhaps just addressing homosexuality openly and fully would be enough to provoke an official reaction. In this respect they are exactly like heterosexual married Catholic couples who cannot accept Vatican teaching on contraception.

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Likewise, while some may condemn practicing homosexuals as Godless and sinful, contemporary lesbian and gay Christians recognize their self-acceptance as a graced moment and report that, since coming out, they are happier, healthier, and closer to other people and to God.

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Courage & Encourage

Paul sees gay sex as an impurity 1: What is the official Catholic teaching about homosexuality? It backed away from the prevailing ethical opinion that a homosexual orientation is morally neutral. Can someone be involved in a lesbian or gay relationship and still be a faithful Catholic? By the 9th century, almost every area in Christian Europe had local law codes, including detailed sections on sexual offenses; none outside of Spain forbade homogenital acts. You become desensitized to what you are doing, and then move onto harder drugs. Or what you do may really be wrong.

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Surely the Vatican had Dignity in mind. Cooke invited the moral theologian Fr. We sin when we deliberately do what we believe is wrong. Reaffirming its opinion that homosexuality is a "pathological condition," the Vatican now called it "an objective disorder. Jews, heretics, the poor, usurers. But rather than the happiness, acceptance and fulfillment he sought, he found a life of misery.

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