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Ian tells Teddy that he won't go through this again so he breaks up with him. Once Teddy returns to Beverly Hills, he decides to call Marco. I think he was surprised and maybe a bit taken aback initially. Liam and Teddy soon leave the bar as Dixon and Navid are left to enjoy themselves. Adrianna is stunned come onAdrianna so Gia walks out and leaves her there in inexplicable awe. Silver rejects Teddy's offer due to him playing Adrianna. The two reconcile and Teddy apologizes to Ian for everything.

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Matthews and both are given detention for failing to explain the reason for the fight. In a later episode, Teddy's boyfriend, Shane, finds out the agreement Teddy made with Silver and is extremely upset that Teddy didn't talk it out with him. Teddy leaves Beverly Hills for Barcelonaand leaves a voicemail for his father revealing he is gay. Teddy then breaks up with Ian and tells him to never speak to him again, saying he isn't the person he thought he was. An angry Silver walks away, as Teddy gets drunk.

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He acts impulsively and ends up hooking up with a guy. An angry Silver then learns how Dixon lied to her. This page was last edited on 15 Juneat This then causes Teddy to attack Ian and a fight emerges between the two. Silver then leaves in tears as Teddy fails to stop her due to his injured leg.

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