Transgender problems

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While currently there is no federal anti-discrimination laws for LGBT people, there are in 21 states and there is currently a bill passed in the US Senate that may provide protection on a federal level. At the time I likened it to fastening a zip and joining two personalities together to become whole, but I had no explanation beyond the overly simplistic: Retrieved April 3, The social exclusion of this community is another major problem. Ok, y'all are seriously going to argue about this? I think that medical and psychological professionals are complicit in the poor mental health of transgender people. Retrieved 6 March

transgender problems
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Ultimately, one of the largest reasons that transgender people face inequality is due to a lack of public understanding of transgender people.

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After reading more of your comments Submitted by K. Gender identity that does not match assigned sex. Transgender portal LGBT portal. Even if we agree with the current theory of gender not being the same as sex, the reason we have different toilets, different showers, locker rooms, etc.

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But it is YOUR fault that you want to sit back and allow others to make it right.

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