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The Forward Association, Inc. After his mission, he tried to date women but was rejected multiple … Watch Video Emily feels a strong sense of hope for the future and a confidence in herself that she attributes to living a more open and authentic life. Eventually Seth … Watch Video Singer sued Elon Musk's Space X for a ride Argentina had purchased as collateral for the country's debt. Away from mormonism Laurie felt free to pursue romantic relationships with women.

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The private sector, not the public sector, is where the biggest mistakes were made.

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As a part of an APA task force, he helped evaluate interventions …. He also founded the Paul E. Through his confession, excommunication, and restoration of church membership and temple blessings, Rich found some … Watch Video Founder of Elliott Management. In this part Bob talks about the difficulty found in embracing the spiritual and emotional tensions that come from confronting …. Mega-donors plan GOP war council". Teachout responded to the donation by challenging Singer to come to the district and debate her.

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Although Kelly is a lesbian and Kendall is straight, they have a deeply caring relationship that has sustained them for several years. But today he knows there is nothing … Watch Video Corporate Power, Oligopolies, and the Crisis of the State. His journey explores the nature of testimony and spiritual authority as it relates to individual experience. But today Drew says that conversation set him … Watch Video As a student at BYU Joanna was …. John, after doubting for years the very existence of God, or at least a loving god, has been actively attending church with a renewed testimony for several years now while remaining excommunicated due to his long-time marriage with his husband.

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