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I was a linguistics major in college. I occupy the blurry space between transsexual and intersex. Your vision of woman hood is badly truncated and romanticised - It's all Venus and Juno and let's just pretend Isis, Brigid, Kali and Durga don't exist. What I hope is that you could reciprocate this act by setting aside, even for a short moment, both the obvious and undeniable differences between us two, as well as your apparently instinctive need for putting a label on me, and consider this question: Jenna, I am pre-emptively sorry for the repetition that seems to be increasingly hard to avoid. Young ass fukers.

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To suggest otherwise is sexist.

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Men's hormones make them want to demonstrate expertise and womens hormones make them want to look pretty? When this denial is challenged by a TS, they simply lose it. This may be true, but the MRI does not actually suggest this. This investment was not repaid, because Jennifer could not -- she had no vagina for him to claim property rights over.

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Much like with race, just because it's a social or cultural construct, doesn't mean people aren't negatively, and severely affected by it.

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