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Are you going to change the logo for victims of a global catastrophe? I'm going to go out on a limb and try to express my opinions over the Internet. This is why neutrality is so important, without it communities are divided. I'd love to see it, and I'm a happily married straight guy! But regardless of where it lies, the status quo cannot continuously shift it's like a discrete function. As we Europeans do, I sometimes tend to have smug thoughts about how the USA is so backwards in one way or the other. Why can't we celebrate the people here?

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I'll change it to a different religious holiday.

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Not saying we have to do what everyone else does, but one day probably won't exclude too many programmers for long. Pretty sure several other demographic groups could consider themselves oppressed. I'm all in favor of changing the logo, but removing comments that calmly debate the question seems heavy-handed. The color of their logo. It should be neutral.

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People should be free to accept same sex marriage as people should be free to reject it. Is the inverse true? I think this court decision is a huge step forward, but it's just that: The whole site isn't just about getting points; it's about helping people. Regardless, SO is a worldwide community That's a fundamental, core value of Stack Overflow.

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