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Soil Biology and Biochemistry Diagnosing phosphorus limitations in natural terrestrial ecosystems in carbon cycle models. A case study in Mediterranean vineyards. Classification of lignocellulosic biomass by weighted-covariance factor fuzzy C-means clustering of mid-infrared and near-infrared spectra. Caribbean Sea versus Eastern Pacific Ocean moisture sources. Journal of Plant Physiology Soil Biology and Biochemistry 75 0:

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Genotypic variation in nodule iron content of common bean phaseolus vulgaris l.

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Cocoa agroforestry is less resilient to sub-optimal and extreme climate than cocoa in full sun. Intraspecific Trait Variation and Coordination: International platform for tree allometric equations to support volume, biomass and carbon assessment. Nitrogen fixation rate of Acacia mangium Wild at mid rotation in Brazil is higher in mixed plantations with Eucalyptus grandis Hill ex Maiden than in monocultures. Performance comparison between a miniaturized and a conventional near infrared reflectance NIR spectrometer for characterizing soil carbon and nitrogen.

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An alternative to wet chemistry for soil monitoring. Shade trees have higher impact on soil nutrient availability and food web in organic than conventional coffee agroforestry. Intraspecific trait variation across multiple scales: Positive growth response of Pinus pinaster seedlings in soils previously subjected to fertilization and irrigation. Trade-offs between crop intensification and ecosystem services:

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