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I have no desire to throw pearls before swine and need to go minister to those you and your ilk have damaged. The only unnatural I see is you poking your nose in someone elses business and judging them. Being an aberration or abnormal does not mean less than. There is nothing whatsoever in the US Constitution that requires ssm to be legal. Paul R. Nearly all of them used biased convenience samples from populations that were not representative of homosexual families on average. He was one of the biggest rabble rousers and advocates for social change in his ministry.

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The Stream offers a rich and lively source for breaking news, Christian inspiration and conservative commentary while challenging the worst in the mainstream media.

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I have training in both population genetics and mental health. We see all sorts of situations where it is clear that that is not how God would have ideally wanted us to be—issues with sexuality are a mere speck in that ocean. Having studied American History I think that you will find that when Jefferson spoke those words, the perversion of homosexuality was not even on his radar as it was virtually unknown.

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Did you know that early immigrants in 20th c.

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