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No confirmation, simply conjecture and rumor. Matthew Gregory Lewis 1 Talk: I just know I've never heard anybody say he's straight. Quoting from that article:. Although some of them have been confirmed by independent multiple sources such as his being bisexual I removed her entry because her article specifically says the claims of lesbianism were untrue.

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American Experience - Kinsey.

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Removed Vin Diesel from the "Confirmed" list. The fact that some Greek philosophers had sex with young boys was not seen as unusual because it was still a relationship between a dominant person an adult male and a submissive person a young boy. They pissed me off. The people listed should at the very least have a subsection devoted to their sexuality in their articles, but I find the whole concept of listing people as "suspected homo! George died of complications from emphysema on March 16 In any case, it is extremely vague.

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It was also the first public acknowledgment of her partner, Amber Laign. He came out publicly inthe very next year after all these comments - see the Wikipedia article on him. The fans were showing the studio the way. I don't care how many women you have relations with after that. After a night of partying, it seems, her best friend wound up in jail. Why do the stakes have to be so much higher for a woman than a man?

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