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Lamsa and the Yonan Codex Foundation writers. Originally Posted by Dweeby. If you understand your orientation to be a sexual minority, you want to be a Christian without having to hide who you are. Believe that God does celebrate the love shared in same-sex relationships. He also translated the whole Bible from the ancient Aramaic scriptures during a 30 year period, culminating in the publishing of his New Testament translation in the s and his translation of the whole Bible by the mids. There is a place for you here. They serve those seeking and celebrating the integration of their spirituality and sexuality.

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If the church indicates ONA, they are participating in this movement.

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First Church Seattle

It also works with those family members, spouses, friends, churches and others who are concerned or affected. Episcopal - Integrity, Inc. I believe it meets your criteria for the most part, maybe completely, and the pastor is intelligent and well spoken. Would prefer not to debate these issues and preferences theologically here, but if anyone knows of a church with that description, that would be great. And in the process of bringing hope and healing to our society find redirection and renewal for our minds and spirits. Birth Gender may well govern what is put on your drivers license

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Mercer Island United Methodist Church. Here are my preferences, and I'm already aware that I'm looking for something rather unusual. There are also Unitarian Churches in Shoreline and Edmonds as well. Christians will find information about who Jesus truly is, and why there is no fear that he loves us all, no matter what our gender presentation. View detailed profiles of: DignityUSA offers support and education for Catholic followers. About avoiding judgment and condemnation.

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