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Journal of Technology Research Mc Graw Hill Education. Retrieved May 24,from Zimmer: In addition, the gratifications among the audiences were derived from three distinct sources such as media content, exposure to the media and social context. What are the challenges of using social media faced by LGBT community? Log In Sign Up. Click here to sign up.

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This is because, this community are sharing the mutual interest, and they feel belong to the community, as it creates self acceptance within the community.

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Online Social Networks Favored by Gay, Lesbian, and Bi Population

Mc Graw Hill Education. Neuman has explained reliability as a dependability or consistency, but he further explained that, in qualitative research, reliability is seen as a consistent recorded observation or other wider techniques such as interviews, participation, photographs and documents studies, similar to the idea of stability reliability Neuman, Anonymity refers to nameless, unidentified,unknown authorship or origin, lacking of individuality, distinction or recognition Goddyn, Follow us Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Get the latest analysis and reports delivered to your inbox daily Get the latest analysis and reports delivered to your inbox daily Sign up.

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Therefore, the Facebook can be a threat towards LGBT as a medium of social space, as they must be aware of the environments, while socializing on Facebook. For instance, gay informants are preferring male gender as they attracted towards male only. About 36 percent of the gay, lesbian and bi community read blogs daily, compared to 19 percent of the heterosexual population. However, bisexual informant is preferring both genders either male or female to seek the relationship on social media. This study is a first step at understanding the correlates of social network size and diversity among LGBT older adults. Moovz monitors content manually 24 hours a day days of the year to make sure the secure place that we created stays secure for you. However, the newest activity claimed by several of informants were, they loved to search some photos by using hashtag while on Instagram.

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