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I will say I liked the backgrounds and the Joker's blimp, though. Sister Unity is quoting the Bhagavad Gita, the divine words of the Hindu God almighty- Krishna, to his disciple warrior Arjuna at the battle of Kurukshetra. It was better than anything he'd imagined. The kiss was incredibly hot and Tim just couldn't seem to get enough. The mood, music and dancing had made him careless.

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Why not start making the best of it now?

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Mentally forcing himself out of the blissful numbness he found himself in, Dick's mind raced, trying to make sense of the entire situation. The writing is mostly terribad. Tim's only sexual experiences to date were a few kisses from Ariana, some hot and heavy groping with Spoiler, and a mutual jerk-off session with Green Arrow. Jay Andrews 10 de noviembre de Tim cursed himself when he saw the dawning realization in his almost-lovers eyes.

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For more, see http: EdwardLorn 11 de noviembre de9: As the tepid, soothing water ran over his shoulders, Tim gently pumped his cock while leaning his head against the tiled bathroom wall. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Lavender Nova 9 de noviembre de

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