Dating a gay flight attendant

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They got to see each other so rarely, my heart really went out to him. Stories emerged from night stops, including one incident where the gay crew were excluded from invites to dinner and a room party. It was difficult trying to keep three conversations going at the same time. However, it all returned when my relationship was coming to a close. He asked me to come to his room. By simply typing in the words homophobia and flight attendant into an internet search engine, I was stunned by the number of widely reported cases even today, of homophobia in the aviation industry. After coming back from vacation in the beginning of January my boyfriend and I decided it was time to end things.

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However, it all returned when my relationship was coming to a close.

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The History Of The Homosexual Flight Attendant

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It was a total scene! It was already 7: We had a pitch that Friday that would lead to me traveling to Memphis Thursday afternoon. Even my straight colleagues have told me of times where a homophobic comment has been made towards them, further highlighting how all male crew are often tarred with the same brush. Thankfully he returned to base unharmed and later went on to report the crew who were subsequently fired.

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I had to do what I could to attract a new man. I was off to Chicago to finish out my week-long work trip. I am fascinated by it and love the media attention it is receiving. You smile back, and as Pam Ann says, you look busy. Through chatting with him more, I also learned his girlfriend is also in the Air Force. Learn how your comment data is processed. While I was in Chicago, I planned to visit my friend who moved there a few months prior.

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