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She also thought that an afro was someone's hat and that somebody's girlfriend was their mother. The latter sketch was shot especially for Comic Relief During her speech she blatantly embarrasses her husband John, and even admits to having several affairs, in front of him and all their guests. In the Christmas special, it was revealed that they have two children, who look like them and who behave in a similar manner. Jamie is a university studentbut according to Nan, is unemployed. The incompetent Irish nurse. In another sketch, she claims she can speak seven languages for a conference, and proceeds to "translate" into nonsensical sounds that were based on linguistic stereotypes.

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From 'Am I bovvered?

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The Catherine Tate Show

Was this review helpful to you? French and Saunders TV Series The name of the office is written on the set as 'Callas and Sait', which has been suggested as a reference to the callousness versus saintliness of the characters, actually refers to the surnames of two members of the production staff on the show. In the Christmas special sketch, after watching the wheel spinning, she faints. At the end of the sketches, Victoria was seen intoxicated and passed out, with a bridesmaid alone in the dark ball room, presumably being divorced. Audible Download Audio Books. In another sketch, Elaine lights a candle to represent Jerry's life, to be blown out at the precise time of his executioneventually realizing that the United States are six hours behind Britain, and that she has made an effort for the wrong time.

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Another well-known catchphrase is "I've never been so insulted! Go on a cruise? She also appeared in a scene whilst in confession at Churchhowever she did not disapprove of the behaviour of anybody, and was told by the Priest to take her time as she appeared to be slightly nervous about confession. Vern Jennifer Rae Daykin During one sketch, she pulls out a wooden spoon puppet dressed like an Italian chef to speak to the diners, who only want to order a pizza. During their sketches they are visited by a regular customer called Neville played by Brian Murphy whom Irene tries to convince that she and Vernon have been visited by various celebrities. After she offends the person, she becomes embarrassed and tries to look for an escape from the conversation as quickly as possible, sometimes faking that someone had just spoken to her, or sometimes she spontaneously starts singing and then quickly escapes.

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