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This is all based on assumptions and projections. Russell, a research associate at the University of Texas at Arlington. Facebook allows users to create profiles online that can contain intimately sensitive information; yet Facebook does not truly explain the consequences of posting this information online. Initially, women provided ratings of how comfortable they would be interacting with this stranger based on a generic scenario in which they were unaware of the hypothetical man's sexual identity. Implicit and explicit friends are highly correlated.

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Our own study revealed a disproportionate number of bisexual subjects at MIT compared to the literature on frequency of bisexuality.

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The outcome of this study is not really surprising, given women inherently have neurosis personality trait often with a generalised paranoid nature. This intrinsic nature when exacerbated by media sensationalism with the constant fear-mongering and the extensive overt vilification of masculinity or male sexuality, just adds to the paranoia, ignorance and anxiety among women. Gay guys only having good friendship with girls is somewhat a false social concept, once again worsened by stereotypical but often inaccurate portrayal of homosexuality in media. The ROC curve plots sensitivity as the dependent variable versus one minus specificity as the independent variable and is evaluated by the Area under the Curve AUCwhich measures how accurately subjects are ranked by their risk score.

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Although our research focuses on sexual orientation, there are many possible extensions.

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